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Mead was a distinct style category from 2005-2016. Cysers and pear melomels should now be entered in Specialty Cider and Perry or Wood Aged Specialty Cider.

This category is restricted to meads that contain apples and/or pears. A mead made with apples is usually referred to as a cyser. A mead made with pears is usually referred to as a pear melomel.

Entry Instructions: Entrants must reference the style of mead that was produced using the 2015 BJCP Mead Style Guidelines. Entrants must specify the fruit or fruits used and any special ingredients or processes.

Entrants MUST specify carbonation level (still; petillant or lightly carbonated; sparkling or highly carbonated). Entrants MUST specify strength level (hydromel or light mead; standard mead; sack or strong mead). Entrants MUST specify sweetness level (dry; semi-sweet or medium; sweet).

Entrants MAY specify honey varieties used, as well as the source and season of the honey. If honey varieties are declared, judges will look for the varietal character of the honey.