This page is for archival purposes only.

Applewine was a distinct style category from 2005-2016. Most applewines should now be entered in Specialty Cider and Perry.

The term for this category is traditional but possibly misleading: it is simply a cider with substantial added sugar to achieve higher alcohol than a standard cider. As such it comes closer to a white wine than any other style. No fruit other than apples may be used in this style.

Aroma/Flavor: Comparable to a New World Cider. Cider character must be distinctive. Very dry to sweet, although often dry.

Appearance: Clear to brilliant, pale to medium-gold. Cloudiness or hazes are inappropriate.

Mouthfeel: Lighter than other ciders, because higher alcohol is derived from addition of sugar rather than juice. Carbonation may range from still to champagne-like.

Overall Impression: Typically like a dry white wine, balanced, and with low astringency and bitterness.

Entry Instructions: Entrants MUST specify carbonation level (3 levels). Entrants MUST specify sweetness (5 levels).