Shipping Information



Thank you for registering your entries in the 14th Annual Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition (GLINTCAP). The next step is to prepare your entries for shipment.

Shipment Arrival Window

Samples must arrive at a designated collection point no earlier than Monday, April 1st and no later than Friday, May 4th.

Entrants who register during Early Registration will receive an email reminder on April 1st that the shipping window is open. The designated collection points in the United States and Canada will be announced at that time. Please do not attempt to ship entries prior to April 1st!

Exceptions can be made for entrants outside of North America whose products are not currently available in the United States or Canada; please email [email protected] for instructions.

Please note that neither GLINTCAP nor the collection points are equipped to confirm receipt of your shipment. We will notify you by email if your package is visibly damaged upon arrival, but otherwise you must rely on the courier’s tracking information to confirm that your shipment has arrived.

Sample Requirements

Commercial Division
Please submit three (3) cans or bottles for each entry. Note that we cannot accept cans or bottles less than 330ml (11.1 ounces).

For Ice Cider and Fortified Cider entries in bottles that are 375ml or larger, please submit two (2) of each bottle.

For Ice Cider and Fortified Cider entries in bottles that are at least 187ml but less than 375ml, please submit three (3) of each bottle.

For Spirits entries, the total volume submitted must be at least 375ml. One (1) bottle is sufficient if it is at least 375ml.

Noncommercial Division
Please submit two (2) cans or bottles for each entry. Note that we cannot accept cans or bottles less than 330ml (11.1 ounces).

No exceptions. Noncommercial entrants must submit two samples per entry as described above.

Entry Form and Bottle Labels

All entrants should print the GLINTCAP 2019 Entry Confirmation¬†form that is¬†attached to the confirmation email and include it with your shipment. Please check your spam folder if this message did not appear in your inbox. If necessary, email [email protected] and request a PDF copy of your entry form.

Commercial Division Labels
Commercial entrants do not need a GLINTCAP-specific label for their bottles or cans, and the label does not have to be approved by the FDA, TTB, or other government entity.

If the product lacks a proper label, attach a handwritten label to the bottle or can with strong, clear adhesive tape. (Do not use a rubber band, glue, or other adhesives.) For all labels, it must be obvious to our staff what the name of the producer is and what the name of the product is.

Noncommercial Division Labels
Noncommerical entrants should use the BJCP Bottle Identification Form. Print as many copies as needed so that each bottle has its own form. Attach the form to the bottle with a strong rubber band. (Do not use tape, glue, or other adhesives.)

How to Pack and Ship Beers for Competition is an illustrated guide that is highly useful, especially for noncommercial entrants. The information is equally applicable to shipping cider. Our staff has found that bubble wrap is far more effective than packing peanuts or other loose fill packing materials in preventing breakage.

Special Note

It is not against any federal laws to ship your entries via a privately-owned shipping company for analytical purposes. Staff members at The UPS Store, FedEx Office, and similar stores are often unaware of the “analytical purposes” exemption and may refuse to ship your package. Past entrants recommend declaring the contents of the package only if asked, and stretching the truth (yeast samples, fruit juice) if needed.

It is illegal to ship alcoholic beverages via the US Postal Service, even for analytical purposes.


If you have questions or need to make changes to your entry registration, please email Competition Director Eric West at [email protected] as soon as possible to explain the situation.

Best of luck in this year’s judging!