Eau de vie

Commercial Division Only

Eau de die (EDV) is white, non-oak-aged brandy. It usually ranges from 60 to about 100 proof, though products under 80 proof are uncommon in the US. Imported examples bear special labels. Eaux de vie are often drunk as a digestif, like grappa. For either apple or pear, the spirit should be round in the mouth and free of heads (acetates and aldehydes – nail polish remover) or tails (fusel oils, often stemmy or fuel-like, they bead in an empty glass, and are most evident as smell in an emptied glass).

Apple EDV are usually subtle on the fruit and may carry a hint of spice. Varietal character may be difficult to discern, and could be a feature. Overt apple character should raise concerns. Pear EDV, on the other hand may be heavily aromatic to the point of perfume. Pear spirits often bear a subtle spicy aftertaste which should linger a long time. Bartlett pear is readily identifiable.