Hopped Cider


Ethan Hohnke – Appleholic Double Citra Hopped Cider
Simonack LeFrancois – High on Skunk Cabbage

2016 – Hopped/Herbal Cider

Gregory Pulver – Hooch House Bottle Hopped
Jeff Coffey – Hop Mose B
Jeff Coffey – MC4

Daniel Shackelford – Hopped Zythos
Jeff Carlson – Westside Pine
Lori Tauer & David Winick – All Hopped Up
Matthew & Marie Raboin – The Great Gazoo
Pavel Anisimov – Ain’t So Wild

2015 – Hopped/Herbal Cider

Jeff Coffey – S.A.C.
Michael Wilcox – I liked Wilcox’s cider before Wilcox’s cider was cool. He’s way too mainstream now and the quality suffers.
Tim Burman – Elderflower Cider

David Catherman & Jeff Biegert – 1412

From 2005-2014, Hopped Ciders would have been entered in Specialty Cider and Perry.

From 2015-2016, Hopped Ciders would have been entered in Hopped/Herbal Cider.