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Commercial Medalist Table (2005-2017)

^5 cider0022
101 Cider House0112
1911 Established311923
2 Towns Ciderhouse8414695
26 Acre Craft Cider Company1001
3Cs Cider0101
45 North Vineyard & Winery0156
Acme Cider Co.0123
Adams Cider Company1012
AeppelTreow Winery & Distillery7182954
Albemarle CiderWorks17917
Allegheny Cellars Winery0011
Alpenfire Cider14510
Andrew Peller Limited0011
Angry Orchard6162951
Annapolis Cider Company2226
Apple Hill Cidery0101
Apple Knocker Hard Cider0123
Apple Outlaw0257
Arktos Meadery0011
Armagh Cider Company0055
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar2316
Ash & Elm Cider Co.0224
Asturiana de Vinos1012
Atlas Cider Co.1337
Austin Eastciders0202
B. Nektar0112
Bantam Cider0112
Banter's Hard Cider0112
Bauman's Cider0033
Beaver Valley Orchard & Cidery21710
Bee Well Mead & Cider14712
Bel Lago Winery1203
Bier Distillery0011
Big Belly Ciderworks0112
Big B's Hard Cider181120
Big Fish Cider Co.2327
Big Hill Ciderworks0257
bigLITTLE Wines0101
Bishops Orchards Winery121215
Black Diamond Cider1315
Black Star Farms7121635
BlackBird Cider Works114924
Blacksmiths Winery0112
Blake's Hard Cider Co.221014
Blue Bee Cider0235
Blue Toad Hard Cider1012
Blueberry Hill Estates0011
Bold Rock Hard Cider18918
Bonnieheath Estate Winery0022
Boston Beer Company0011
Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits0404
Branch Out Cider0224
Brickworks Ciderhouse0213
Brix Cider0101
Brooklyn Cider House0347
Brothers Covino0134
Bull Run Cider03811
Buskey Cider0123
C Squared Ciders1146
California Cider Company24410
Carlton Cyderworks210820
Carolina Distillery0213
Cascade Winery0011
Cascadia Ciderworkers United0134
Castle Hill Cider09615
Cellar Brewing Company0101
Champlain Orchards Cidery1517
Chateau Buffalo0314
Cherry Creek Cellars0134
Cider Brothers1359
Cider By Rosie0112
Cider Creek Hard Cider161522
Cider House of Wisconsin0123
Cider Riot!0336
Ciderboys Hard Cider171119
Cidre de Rhuys0112
Cidre Le Brun0112
Cidrerie Daufresne1102
Cidrerie de Menez Brug0112
Cidrerie du Minot48618
Cidrerie Entre Pierre & Terre1719
Cidrerie St-Nicolas0123
Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau0202
Cigar City Cider & Mead0112
Citizen Cider1539
Clear Fork Cider0022
Clos de la Fontaine Hugo0202
Coastliner Craft Cider0101
Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery0314
Cold Hollow Cider Mill0112
Collective Arts Brewing0314
Colorado Cider Company27918
Common Cider Company0358
Corey Lake Orchards1214
Coteau Rougemont24410
Cotswold Cider Company0011
Country Mill Winery0033
County Cider Company18413
Craigies Cider0011
Crispin Cider Company3213054
Critz Farms0224
Crows Hard Cider1146
Dan Kelly's Cider0011
Deep Roots Hard Cider0123
Descendant Cider Company1528
Devoto Orchards Cider1326
Dickens Tasmanian Cider0101
Distillery Lane Ciderworks271524
Domaine de Kervéguen1012
Domaine de Normandie0101
Domaine du Verger1001
Domaine Duclos Fougeray0123
Domaine Pinnacle0101
Douglas Valley0044
Downeast Cider House0011
Dragon's Head Cider2002
Dunkertons Cider2103
Dunridge Farms0011
E&J Gallo Winery0303
Eaglemount Wine and Cider0123
Eden Specialty Ciders1415736
EdenVale Winery0101
Ela Cider Co.0202
Elk Horn Brewery and Ciderhouse1023
Embark Craft Ciderworks26614
Empire Cider Company0224
Ernest Cider Co.0202
Fabbioli Cellars0101
Falconer Vineyards0112
Familia Soroa0011
Farmhaus Cider Co.0235
Ferme de la Sapinière05611
Ferro Farms0112
Fieldstone Hard Cider Co.0213
Finnriver Farm and Cidery641323
Fisher-Cote Farmstead0011
Flatbed Cider Co.0112
Flint City Hard Cider Co.0022
Foggy Ridge Cider0202
Forbidden Cider Co.1214
Forbidden Fruit Cider0134
Forgotten Ciders05813
FoxCraft Hard Cider0044
Frecon's Cidery0167
French Road Cellars0011
Garage D'or Ciders0101
Gary Awdey1124
Gnarly Grove Hard Cider0022
Golden State Cider0011
GoodRoad CiderWorks0134
Grand Illusion Hard Cider0011
Grey & Gold Cider1225
Griffin Cider Works0134
Gypsy Circus Cider Company1124
Hawk Knob1225
Haykin Family Cider26614
Hazlitt 1852 Cider Crafters1315
Headwater Cider1113
Heartwood Farm & Cidery0123
Henney's Cider0112
Hideout Brewing Company0011
Hogan's Cider79622
Hoity Toity Cellars2035
Holmberg Orchards & Winery0123
HTX Cider0011
Humboldt Cider Company13610
Incline Cider Company0213
Ironwood Hard Cider0022
Island Orchard Cider19616
J. Trees Cellars0101
Jaanihanso Cider2125
James Creek Ciderhouse0066
Jefferson County Ciderworks0235
JK's Farmhouse Ciders0022
Kaneb Orchards0347
Kennebec Cider Company0101
Kings Highway Fine Cider010919
Koval Distillery0101
Kupela Inc.0011
Kuura Cider0011
KW Craft Cider0718
La Face Cachée de la Pomme0314
Lassen Traditional Cider0112
Le Flanc Nord, Verger & Cidrerie1337
Le Père Jules57113
Leaky Barrel Cider Company0022
Left Field Cider Co.0325
Left Foot Charley19717
Lehman's Orchards0314
Les Vergers de Kermao1001
Les Vergers de la Colline5111127
Liberty Ciderworks38617
Lionheart Cider0011
Llagares Valverán0112
Locust Cider04711
Long Island Meadery1012
Longueville House0011
LUK Cider and Spirit1102
Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery25310
Manoir de Grandouet0112
Mawby Vineyards1225
McClure's Orchard & Winery231419
McIntosh Cellars37818
McKeown Cidery0134
McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks0224
Meckley's Cidery041519
Meraki Cider0044
Methow Valley Ciderhouse1449
Milk & Honey Ciders0224
Mill Bridge Winery0112
Montana CiderWorks35513
Mountain West Cider Company0112
Muwin Estate Wines12710
Nashi Orchards1225
New Holland Brewing0112
Newton Court Cider0123
Nine Pin Cider0123
Noble Cider1157
Nomad Cidery0112
Northern Natural Cider House & Winery23611
Northville Winery and Brewing Company392032
Number 12 Cider House0112
Old Boys' Brewhouse1012
Old Hill Cider1124
Oliver's Cider and Perry310720
Original Sin0415
Orpens Irish Cider0022
Painted Turtle Hard Cider0224
Patriots' Heritage Cider0112
Platform Beer Company0022
Pommies Cider Co.07916
Portland Cider Company041014
Prototype Hard Cider0101
Puddicombe Cider Company0235
Rebel Seed Cidery0011
Red Rover Craft Cider2169
Redbyrd Orchard Cider0336
Renaissance Orchards1012
Restoration Cider0213
Revel Cider Company0257
Reverend Nat's Hard Cider25815
Rhinegeist Brewery0112
Ricker Hill1427
Ridge Cider Co.0235
Robinette Cellars1131933
Rogue Ales & Spirits0101
Rootstock Ciderworks25512
Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry0123
Runcible Cider0101
Russell Orchards0224
Sanctuary Spirits0011
Santa Cruz Cider Co.0213
Santa Fe Cider Works0011
Santa Sidra Hard Cider0415
Sapsucker Farms1113
Scenic Road Cider Co.0303
Schaefer Cider Company0156
Schilling Cider0123
Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse5141029
Seattle Cider Company371424
Sheppy's Cider0325
Shiny Apple Cider1359
ShipBuilders Cider0325
Sidra Castañón0011
Sidra Cortina0101
Sidra El Gobernador0202
Sidra Fanjul1315
Sidra Mayador2125
Sidra Menéndez0011
Sidra Riestra1517
Sidra Trabanco35614
Sidra Viuda de Angelón25310
Sidras Irigoien0101
Sierra Cider1102
Sietsema Orchards15713
Slopeswell Cider Company0011
Slyboro Ciderhouse1214
Small Acres Cyder0033
Snow Capped Cider2103
Snowdrift Cider Co.8141032
SoCal CiderWorks0101
Sonoma Cider071017
Spicer Orchards Winery151117
Spirit Tree Estate Cidery27918
Spring Hill Cider Works0022
Square Mile Cider1247
St. Ambrose Cellars0437
St. Vrain Cidery1124
Star Cider0134
Starcut Ciders1101526
Stem Ciders2131025
Still River Winery0101
Stormalong Cider04711
Stowe Cider0011
Sulker's Cider0011
Sully's Cider at The Old Cheese Factory0011
Summerland Heritage Cider Company0011
Sunrise Orchards0022
Suttons Bay Ciders0224
Swift Cider33410
Swilled Dog Hard Cider0224
Talisman Farm Cidery1001
Tandem Ciders225936
Teal Cider0022
Ten Towers Ciderworks0011
Texas Corners Brewing Co0101
Texas Keeper Cider05510
The BX Press0246
The Cider Farm0011
The Cider Mill0011
The Great Canadian Cider Company0011
The Hills Cider Company0011
The Infinite Monkey Theorem1023
Thistly Cross Cider0123
Thornapple Brewing Company0011
Thornborough Cider0101
Thornbury Cider House2237
Three Brothers Wineries & Estates0011
Tideview Cider17513
Tieton Cider Works17917
Tilted Shed Ciderworks0112
Toboggan Brewing Co.1326
Tom's Foolery Distillery0112
Top of the Rock Ciders0022
Townline Ciderworks0314
Tractor Brewing Company0112
Troy Cider0011
Tulip Valley Vineyard & Orchard53311
Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House541827
Twisted Hills Craft Cider0325
Uncle John's275143121
Uncommon Cider Co.0011
Urban Forage Winery and Cider House0022
Urban Tree Hard Cider0437
Val de Rance1001
Vander Mill4161838
Verger Belliveau Orchard0112
Vermont Cider Company6222654
Vines & Rushes Winery0011
Virtue Cider3111226
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks11171038
Wards Hard Cider0101
Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery1326
Weidmann & Groh1326
West Avenue Cider513927
Westcott Bay Cider5141130
Westons Cider0235
Westside CiderWerks0112
Whetstone CiderWorks0404
White Winter Winery1348
Whitewood Cider Co.0415
Wild Cider0156
Wild Hare Hard Cider0145
WildCraft Cider Works0268
Windfall Orchard1023
Windswept Cider0112
Windy Hill Orchard & Cidery1121124
Woodbox Cider Co.0112
Worley's Cider0213
Wyder's Hard Cider1214
Wyndfall Cyder0202
Wyndridge Farm Cidery1337
Yahara Bay Distillery0011